How to assemble your Dragon. (Or Deluxe weather vane).

Congratulations on your purchase and thank you for giving Draco Ferrous a home. We’re guessing you’re wondering how it all fits together, hopefully, this will help…

01. First job. Decide where you are going to put him & fix the bracket in place. Whatever you fix it to needs to be solid and preferably high enough to prevent accidental damage to children, pets or unruly drunks. Make sure the tube is as vertical as possible or Draco will sulk & insist on facing the same way all the time.

02. Pic 01 shows you most of what you’ll need. The bolts, nuts & washers are supplied, you’ll need to find a 10mm Spanner & a 4mm Allen Key (that’s a worn 3/8″ Wrench & a 5/32″ Allen Key if you’re out West). You may also need a friend, strong coffee (avoid alcohol until you’ve finished) & a comprehensive knowledge of swear words, although not so much with our new & improved “3 disc” system, which has made the process a lot less fiddly!

Pic 1. All the Nuts, bolts & washers should be in the box, you’ll need to
supply your own tools.

03. Find the parts as shown in pic 02, stage 1. The North & South arms, the flat sided disc & the disc without the cut outs in the edge. You’ll also need the two 50mm bolts, 4 washers & 2 nuts.

Pic 02, Stage 1

04. Take the round disc and slot the lower pin of the North arm into one of the inner holes so that the arms sits in the slot on the edge of the disc. Then repeat the process with the South arm on the opposite side. Next place the flat sided disc over the upper pins, again the slots will fit around the arms. Finally for this stage put the 50mm bolts, with washers, through 2 diagonally opposite outer holes. Do this from the top. Pinch the bolts up enough to hold it together but don’t tighten them right up yet.

Pic 3. Stage 2

05.Next take the East & West arms & slot them into the bottom disc, making sure you’ve got them in the right places (Unless you’re a rebel & want to confuse passing migratory Geese). Next drop the remaining disc on top. The notches in the edge should clear the bolt heads from the previous stage. Finally put the two 55mm bolts, with washers, through the 2 remaining outer holes & tighten everything up. Be careful to tighten the bolts evenly so that the discs remain parallel.

06. Nearly there! Time to clamber up your ladder & slide the whole assembly onto the bracket that you installed back in step 01. Rotate it until the North arm points North and put the 2 remaining 25mm bolts, with washers, through the bottom disc & the top of the bracket. Only 2 of the 4 holes will line up with the slots, but that’s all you need!

07. Finally put plenty of grease on the spindle (or it’ll squeal and grind) then back up the ladder & slide it into the bracket. Job done, time for that drink!