Bird Figurines


Beautiful hand finished figurines for the Bird lover in your life. Or the Occultist, we don’t judge.

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Hand painted & finely detailed.

Raven’s watch. 36 cm tall.

Raven’s cry. 35 cm tall.

Raven’s remains. 13 cm tall.

Raven’s rest. 16 cm tall.

Blade Rave. Wall plaque. 27 cm wide.

Raven’s call 20 cm tall.

Bobble Beak. Bobble head Owl. 10.5 cm tall.

The Aviator. 21 cm tall.

Snowy watch small. 13.3 cm tall.

Snowy watch large. 20 cm tall.

Wisest Totem. 20 cm tall.

Three wise Barn Owls. Set of 3. 7.5 cm tall.

Snowy rest. 38 cm tall.

Forest flight. 38.5 cm tall.

Wisdom flight. Wall plaque. 54.5 cm wide.

Augmented wisdom. 19 cm tall.

Time wise. 20.3 cm tall.

Three wise Bats. Set of 3. 8.3 cm tall.

Winged Watcher. Trinket tray. 24.1 cm across.

Bite. 9.1 cm tall.

Delivery is free within Spondon or you can collect. Shipping to mainland UK variees from 3.50 to 7.50 depending on the size.

We don’t keep many of these in stock as the protective packaging takes up a lot of space so please allow an extra few days for delivery.

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Bird Figurines

Augmented wisdom, Bite, Black Raven, Bobble Beak, Cogsmith's Owl, Forest flight, Raven's call, Raven's cry, Raven's remains, Raven's rest, Raven's watch, Snowy rest, Snowy watch large, Snowy watch small, The Aviator, Three wise Barn Owls, Three wise Bats, Time wise, Winged watcher, Wisdom flight, Wisest Totem


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