Gargoyle Figurines


Beautifully cast Resin Gargoyles designed to ward off evil spirits, small children & particularly nervous cats.

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These guys are beautifully cast in resin and finished to give a stone effect. They are waterproof & therefor suitable for your garden, home, grotto, shrine, person cave or summoning circle.

Adalward is 26cm high.

Edo is 13.7cm high.

Hugo is 12.5cm high.

Grasp of darkness is a chunky 31cm high.

Laverne is 13cm high.*

Quasi is 12.3cm high.*

Victor is 13cm high.

*Laverne & Quasi are currently on pre order & are expected early May.

Delivery is free within Spondon, or you can collect. Shipping elsewhere varies between £4.50 & £7.50 depending on size.

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Gargoyle Figurines

Adalward, Edo, Grasp of Darkness, Hugo, Laverne, Quasi, Victor